Employment Practices and Labor's Rights

We understand that our customers are concerned about our employment practices and the conditions of our production environment because it is closely related to the image of our customers and its products. Therefore, we set forth the employment practices to be the guidelines for our management.

CNC operates our factory in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of Guangdong province and the national laws of China, including those relating to worker's health and safety, and environment.





















I. General Principle
The factory must treat all workers with respect and dignity and provide them with a safe and healthy working and living environment.

II. Labor's Rights
(1). All workers are entitled to a safe, clean, and sanitary working and living environment.

(2). CNC employs all workers on the basis of their abilities to perform their job duties, without regard to race, color, gender, nationality, religion, age, maternity or martial status.

(3). No person under 18 years of age will be employed by our factory for any type of work. All workers are required to present official documents to verify their age.

(4). The hours and wages of the factory comply with the local and national laws. Workers are paid at least the minimum legal wage or the local industry standard.

(5). No worker will be forced to work overtime. Workers may refuse overtime work without any threat of penalty, punishment or dismissal.

(6). Overtime work is voluntary. The factory pays overtime and any incentive rates that meet all legal requirements or the local industry standard, whichever is

(7). The factory provides paid annual leave and holidays as required by law. The workers are free to take any sick leave or absence leave.

(8). The factory does not use any prison, indentured or forced labor.


III. Working Conditions
We recognize the importance of treating all workers with respect and dignity and provide them with a safe and healthy environment. Our factory complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding working conditions. Our buildings meet all international safety standards, including the health and safety of workers, fire safety and structural safety.

(1). No smoking is allowed in the factory.

(2). Extinguishers are placed at the visible areas of every floor and are regularly maintained.

(3). Fire alarms are installed on every floor and evacuation drills are conducted twice annually.

(4). Stairs and evacuation routes are kept clear at all time.

(5). All machinery are regularly inspected and serviced.

(6). All workers are given guidelines of the safety operation procedures.

(7). No worker may engage in or allow to use any physical or non-physical abuse to punish or threaten other workers.

(8). The factory provides sufficient lighting and ventilation for proper production activities.

CNC produces majority loving children's wear that are safe and endurable. We show our care not only by manufacturing the best quality products but also building a better world for the next generation. This is why we are committed to minimize our environmental impacts to the community. We will encourage our employees to take precaution to protect the environment, and ensure that company activities are consistent with our environmental policies.


I. reduce waste
1. minimize waste, recycle papers, and reuse industrial materials
2. reduce paper waste: use electronic mail as an effective way of communication

II. Energy saver
1. using energy-efficient lighting
2. turn-off machine when not in operation
3. provide regular check-up to all machinery

III. Others
Use environmental friendly machines and equipment.

CNC commits to providing a better living and working environment for our workers and the community.
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